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Flowics provides the tools you need to build social engagement with your audience and analyze the social buzz of your brand.

Our Key Features

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring

Our Analytics platform provides real-time monitoring for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress and RSS feeds.

Advanced curation engine

With +50 automatic curation rules applied to any social stream, we’ll help you find the best content for your brand, event or TV show.

Powerful Search Query Language

Build the most accurate filter definitions and get the content that is relevant for your needs. Our query language will make it easy for you!

International Language Support

We have built-in support to filter and localize social content for the majority of languages (including non-Western ones)

AI-based semantic analysis

Our powerful semantic engine, based on artificial intelligence, provides automatic sentiment analysis and advanced demographic data of social audiences.

Creative Professional Services

We can help you integrate and customize our solutions on any environment and build creative social experiences, to captivate your audience.

Twitter Official Partner

Flowics Engage is a Twitter Official Partner licensed to re-syndicate Twitter content for public display, enabling clients to curate, integrate and monetize social integration into TV, web, mobile and any digital environment.

Facebook Media Solutions

Flowics Engage is a Facebook Media Solutions partner licensed to access a set of exclusive APIs which enable the integration and re-syndication of Facebook and Instagram content in real-time into TV, In-Venue, and any digital property.
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