Fanaticos – Esporte Interativo

Fanaticos is a TV game show broadcast on Esporte Interativo and Youtube Live simultaneously with one of the highest engagement levels on Social Media in Brazil.

During each episode, 2 teams (conformed by a couple of fans representing a Brazilian Football Team) had to compete against each other answering multiple choice questions and solving different challenges to score points.  But what made this show so engaging, was the participation mechanic used by Fanaticos to involve their audience.

Twitter interaction impacted directly on each team’s result. Fans had to tweet (using a specific hashtag for each team) in order to fill a virtual stadium tribune, and every time each team achieved a certain number of Tweets (40K during the finals), extra points were given to the couple.

Flowics was used to process Tweets in real time and display Twitter Avatars (the virtual stadium) on their big screen. In addition to this, a personalized Tweet reply was sent to every participant using the promoted hashtags.

You can watch the final episode here


954.752 Tweets during the final episode

5.2M Tweets during the whole season