El Trece, one of the leading TV networks in Latin America, worked with Flowics to deploy real-time Twitter integrations for Showmatch, a TV format created by TV production house “Ideas del Sur” and the most viewed TV show in Argentina.

As part of a new content and programming strategy of El Trece, with an anchor on social engagement, led by Head of Production Eduardo “Coco” Fernández, Showmatch did the most impressive social integration ever seen in Latin America, with record-breaking levels of engagement on Twitter, with peaks of more than 30,000 Tweets/min.

For the first time after 8 years on air, Showmatch, presented by TV host Marcelo Tinelli (@cuervotinelli), one of the most followed users on Twitter in Argentina, decided to include a new Twitter-based scoring system for the participants of the dance contest called “Bailando por un sueño” (spanish for “Dancing for a dream”) a special segment of Showmatch. This new system allowed users to score the participants’ performance by voting on Twitter, choosing whether they liked the performance or not. The final percentage of votes given to the positive opinion was then translated to a score from 0 to 10. This vote was then considered the 5th vote of the judges, complementing the scores assigned by the four famous members of the jury.

After the performance of each couple of participants, Showmatch displayed live Twitter voting results on air, together with a real-time wall of Twitter avatars on a giant screen in the TV set.


(Real-time Twitter Poll displaying positive and negative votes assigned to a dance couple)


(Real-time Avatars’ Walls displayed in-studio on big screens with avatar pictures of Twitter users)

As a result of this initiative, Showmatch generated 1.3 Million Tweets in only 4 episodes of their show, with a peak of 385,000 Tweets in one show for the most commented episode on December 2nd a record of 35,941 Tweets/min. This new level of engagement meant an increase of 7x for the average Twitter engagement seen by Showmatch during all 2014 season.


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