Real-time buzz monitoring and audience analytics across multiple social networks for TV, brands, media and agencies.

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Our Features

Automatic Sentiment Analysis

With support for multiple languages and custom rules definition, our algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, provide automatic sentiment analysis in real-time.

Powerful Search Query

Build the most accurate filter definitions using logical operators and regular expressions. Get rid of spam and unwanted social comments easily.

Subtopics classification

Drill down into the social buzz for your brand. Automatically categorize and compare all social mentions into different subtopics, based on rules that you define.

Real-time Dashboard

Ideal for crisis management or live events monitoring, our real-time dashboard provides instant updates of key metrics, minute-by-minute reactions, most active and influential users.

Demographics – Gender classification

We identify gender of users according to their social profile. Flowics Analytics will tell you if people talking about your brand are men, women or other brands/companies.

Demographics- Age Ranges Identifier

Same as with gender, our algorithms infer the age range of users on social media, according to different social signals.

Location analysis

See which cities or countries are talking the most about your brand or product. Find out how conversations occur in different locations and compare one against each other.

Influencers analysis

Identify the most active authors, the most engaging ones and those who are being mentioned the most around your brand, event or any topic.

Text Analytics

Text mining for social mentions, let us discover the hashtags, keywords and links most commented when analyzing the buzz around your brand, product or media.

Responsive and friendly user interface

Information should be easy to read. Flowics Analytics provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface which adapts to any screen, making it easy to navigate data and understand insights.

Social TV Add-on

Our #SocialTV Add-on allows TV producers and broadcasters to monitor TV shows in real-time and understand how the audience reacts on social media, enabling a better understanding of user behaviour.

API Access

Through our API, our clients can integrate Flowics Analytics data into any 3rd party platforms or BI systems.

How it Works

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