Curate, moderate and display social content on any digital environment to drive engagement. Deploy real-time social experiences to connect with your audience.

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Embrace #SocialTV. Curate, moderate and integrate social content and trends as part of your broadcast, enabling real-time engagement with your audience.

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Outdoors, Live Events and DOOH

Engage your audience, promote your brand or amplify the reach of social conversations by integrating social content at live events, music concerts, stadiums, Jumbotrons or any digital out-of-home environment.

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Web Visualizations

Build social-enabled websites, deploy live social data visualizations and engage visitors with multiple real-time interactive widgets based on user-generated content from social media.

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Key features

Curation engine

With +50 parameterizable rules, our powerful curation engine allows clients to discover the best content in real-time.

Widgets library

Our broad range of widgets and visualizations options adapt to any environment. Combine them to deploy any social experience in just minutes !

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Easy integration

Customize any Flowics experience by editing your own CSS or integrate through our API with any display technology.

How it Works

Filter & Curate

Get started with Flowics Engage by setting up the initial filters which will capture all conversations around specific topics which are relevant for you. Define the curation rules which will help you to automatically accept, reject or hold every piece of social content. Our custom rules allow our clients to curate content based on author’s information, content, location, influence, etc.


Use our moderation console to manually manage the content which will be finally displayed to the users. Combining user moderation based on the input of our automatic curation engine, we make it possible to discover and approve the best Tweets or Photos out of millions of social mentions, in seconds.


With support for In-Venue, Web and Broadcast display, our clients can take social content to any environment, amplify brand-related conversations and deploy custom social experiences using any of our interactive widgets. Shopping malls, stadiums, Jumbotrons, On Air graphics on TV, Web, Mobile, we have solutions for all.

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