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How Travel & Hospitality brands can engage their audiences using Social Media

“Happiness is only real when shared” (Christopher McCandless - Into the wild). Travelling is all about enjoying: an unforgettable experience, an imposing landscaping, a dinner with a friend that you haven`t seen for years or simply the quietness of a lake. And all these moments become even more significant if you have people to share [...]

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How non-Travel & Hospitality brands can connect with their audiences during travelling seasons

Travelling is probably one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences that a person can have. Just picture the sun  shining over paradisiacal white sand beaches, sharing a delicious dinner  in an exotic country or enjoying the snow covering the mountains, turning them into beautiful ski tracks. These seasons are not only great for people [...]

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eBook – Sports & Social Media – A comprehensive guide

Social Media has become the go-to place for fans to meet, comment and exchange their opinions. And with this comes the opportunity for brands and media to capitalize on the attention, fandom and excitement. Here some helpful tips.

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Using Social Content Curation Tools for News Media Outlets

Social Media is no longer just place for people to connect and share their experiences, Social Networks are constantly evolving, as well the reasons why people choose them. For example Social Media has become one of the most popular channels for young people to stay informed. Let’s check for example this BBC article: Social media [...]

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6 tips to improve your Social Customer Service

1-800 numbers are dying fast. Customer Support is now social and brands can no longer ignore this. Consumers are not only using Social Networks to connect with their friends, but also to connect with brands. In many opportunities sales inquiries or questions about a determined service or product are discussed privately, but in many others, [...]

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Media + Olympic Games: a Golden opportunity

After 4 years waiting, the Olympic Games are just around the corner. Social Media will become the go-to place for fans to meet, comment and exchange their opinions. Their emotions will be manifested in 140 characters, Snaps, Pictures and Status updates, and it’s the perfect opportunity for media outlets to capitalize on that content, provide [...]

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eBook – How Social Media can help your Customer Journey

Today people are using Social Media to find, compare and decide on purchases. Here are some tips on how Social Media can influence the Customer Journey.

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How Brands can win Social Media Gold during this Olympics

The Olympics are coming. Fast. And with them comes the opportunity for brands to capitalize on the attention, fandom and excitement. Sponsoring the actual event is impossible now, as is sponsoring/supporting the delegations that will participate since those contracts are closed and filed. There are still ways you can make the most out of the [...]

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How UGC trumps Influencers: the “Chewacca Mom” case

Candace didn’t have the biggest following on Facebook, nor was she a big celebrity or renowned journalist. She is the mother of Duncan and Cadence who went to Kohl’s to “make some returns” and got the Chewacca mask she absolutely loved. She made a (heartwarming, honest) video and got an order of magnitude more views [...]

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3 ways Social Sponsorship differs from Traditional Sponsorships

In previous posts, we have discussed Social Sponsorship and how it can add value to audiences, brands and media. Since then, we have received numerous questions about how this type of sponsorship contrasts with the old school types and what pros and cons each might have so we decided to write about this in more [...]