Yesterday Monday 22 October, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met at Lynn University to be part of the third and final Presidential Debate.  Tribatics monitored the Twitter buzz to get insights on the conversations taking place during the final Debate and the post-debate analysis.

From 8.45 PM (EST) to 10.45 PM (EST) Tribatics processed 6.41 Million tweets referred to the debate, generated by an estimate of 4.5 million users. Nearly 70% of tweets were originated by US-based users.

Here are some interesting insights that Tribatics was able to get about the #debate:

Final US Presidential Debate Twitter Buzz Infographic

Final US Presidential Debate Twitter Buzz Infographic


This final debate generated the least number of tweets compared to the two previous presidential debates, having its peak of tweets per minute at the moment (96,000 TPM at 21.45 EST) in which Barack Obama replied with irony referring to having “fewer horses and bayonets”. Demographics show that among tweets referring to Obama, 62% were made by female users and 36% were sent by male users (2% by company accounts). In contrast, Romney buzz shows more male authors (55%) than female (43%).

You can download high resolution PDF info-graphic from here.

The Presidential Debate is over but people will continue talking about the US Elections on Twitter, so we are prepared to listen and analize more relevant conversations around this topic. If you want to receive more information about Tribatics and our social intelligence technology, please contact us. Also, check out how we are also using Flowics (our complementary product) with exclusive real-time Twitter visualizations for big screens in TV studios.